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Re: 4kq Cruise Problems (Still)

The second car that started to not work happened right after I changed the
speedo in it so I figure that the new unit is not sending the brain the
right info. As I just posted to list, I wonder how to check this.  Do I
check the pins at the back of speedo.  IF so, what should they read or
what range do I measure.  Resistance or Voltage or Amps?  I guess the
faster the little wheel spins the more speed it registers so it must be a
voltage or amperage thing???  Faster it spins more power it gives brain?
	Anyhow, I suspect that is the problem on at least one of the cars.
Huw, you say there is a section in Bently that covers Cruise Control?  I
cant find mutch other than a hard to understand diagram.  What page.  I
have the 4kq/tqc Bently.

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On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> >         Now I'm getting frusterated.  2-running 4kq's and neither has
> > cruise.  One never worked.  Second just stopped.  I'll forgot the one that
> > just stopped and focus on the one I have troublshot though.
> >         Vacuum hoses are all fine.
> >         Switches seem fine.  I pulled them and jumpered them and that
> > didn't fix it.  I mean the defeat switches at the Brake & Clutch.
> >         Oh, and yes the stalk 6-pring plug is plugged in.
> > 
> >         So, now where do I look?  Any ideas???
> Bentley has a step by step test procedure that will at least check the
> functioning of everything but the control unit, as I remember there is
> one error, which I will document on my web site someday soon.  Has to do
> with the brake light part of the circuit.
> Measure the resistance of the switches when closed, they can get pretty
> bad, though I guess jumping them is a round about way of making sure
> they weren't the problem.
> clean the stalk switch.  make sure the speedo head pickup is plugged in.
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