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Re: 86 4kq whirring clicking sound still present at 3000+ rpm

John, that clicking, whirring noise you hear is most likely the
odometer.  BTDT - quite anoying.  With time, the top shaft that holds
all the numbers (not the trip meter) comes loose off its mointing holes
in the plastic speedometer housing and begins to back out.  When this
happens, you will get the noises you are hearing, until it completely
falls off one of its supports and stops counting miles.  Then it will be
quiet again.  Sometimes it may be noisier when very cold, or when going
faster.  The possible fixes are: a) ignore it untill it falls and quits
counting and live with it, or b) open the instrument cluster and push
this shaft back into place (perhaps securing it somehow so that it
doesn't back off again).  HTH

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq

"Stanton, John" <JStanton@newsamerica.com> wrote":
> Hi all,
> Well the sound is still there its a strange one and sounds almost as
> if its coming from behind the dash board.  at about 3000 rpm it begins
> kind of a clicking whirring sound.  I thought it might be transmission
> but don't know for sure.  It is about equally loud in all gears and
> subsides when the clutch is in.  
> Anyone had anything like this or any idea as to where to start.  BTW
> the car has 159k on the clock.
> Thanks,
> John