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Re: Sticky calipers

Hi Scott;

    The "sticky" calipers I have experienced have been on the rear of my '91
200q. I solved the problem by servicing them every fall. I pull the pads and
caliper frame, clean the rust off the pad/frame mating areas, and lube the
contact points with brake lube. I also pull the guide pins and clean and
lube them. This keeps everything working through our salt-laden winter and
the only cost is the time involved (not counting the miniscule amounts of
lube used, of course :o).
    I have never had a problem with the front calipers, probably because
they run much hotter. I give them the same service when I replace pads and


Fred Munro
'91 200q  269k km
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Date: Sunday, February 28, 1999 9:10 PM
Subject: Sticky calipers

>What causes this problem and  is there a "cheap" way to fix a sticky
>caliper?  I ask this because when I purchased my wifes 100CSQW last
>April, the dealer had fixed a sticky caliper.  Now, I notice
>periodially, on hard brakes the car pulls to one side.  I am wondering
>if the caliper is "sticking" again, or warped rotors. Appreciate any