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Quattro Caravan on CT rte 95?

Ok, was this a dream? 

I had a blast today! i was in line with 41 (count them, yes 41)
quattros, everything from 3 tt's, to a half a dozen v6 passat synchros
(which aren't supposed to be in the states yet??), you name it, a
beautiful badgeless black a8 was lead dog.  I don't know WHAT was going
on!  i was going north on 95 in southern connecticut (between norwalk
and new haven).  All of them had Florida plates, that said Reg Only.  No
idea what that means, 1 driver per car, 2 in the lead car, every car had
a cell phone, brandy spankin new the whole lot!  I didn't know if i was
visibly drooling or, wandering all over my lane or what!  Aybody have
any idea what's this line up for?  At one point the traffic got down to
a stop due to construction, and we all meandered over to the left lane,
then when it cleared up, the TT in front of me was just gone!  I mean,
gone!  Did I mention the car just got up and left me?  I don't know what
i have for power (it's got to be at least 200 horses), but my little
hair dryer blown 4000 was just standing still!  WHEW!!!!!!  Was it a
dream?  somebody tell me!

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq