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Re: More weird stuff (extremely marginal Audi content)

I can't help but laugh about your comments.  I've got a few thoughts of my own
on this subject.  There was an article in the Newark(N.J.) Star Ledger
regarding the popularity of these vehicles among the soccer mom crowd and
quoted one particular 4 foot nothing sweetheart saying just that.  "How
wonderful it was for hauling the kids (2) to Walmart and soccer practice and
such."  Also reasoned that in an accident she would now be O.K.  No word on
the other party involved.  She favored the 1 ton variant Suburban, four wheel
drive of course.  I also believe these vehicles will induce a hugh increase in
personal bankruptcies as the costs associated with them finally overwhelms
their owners.  Wonder what the "big three" will do then?  This window can't be
more than 1 to 2 years out.  In my area some people have already rolled theirs
over into a more expensive version twice and the payments rival their
mortgages.  Total costs including maintance and insurance are consuming 40% of
their gross income.  This cycle can't continue.
Just my $.02

Jim Accordino