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RE: TOCA BTCC game, with A4!

Christian said:
> I have this game....and I really don't like it.  It just doesn't control
> very well.  If you want to race Audis in a video game, buy (or get a copy
> like me) Need For Speed 3.  You can downlaod and race every Audi known from > the Avus to the UrQ.  This game is very well done, I've been playing it a
> lot compared to TOCA, which I never play (waste of $50).

Warren Wang has TOCA on his overclocked P2 333 with a graphics card. He
also had a thrustmaster. It looked incredible. Made my Playstation
version look like an Atari 7200 (not a 2600). I bought a VW GTi instead
of a computer. (I have my priorities.)

TOCA on the Playstation is hard. quattro gets a weight penalty (duh) and
its very hard to drive. The PSX game to have is Gran Turismo. Buy a PSX
and buy this game. Now. Run, don't walk. GTII images have been surfacing
lately, with the Merc LM car, New Lancer WRC car, and a MINI! 20
courses, rally stages, more tuning features, 400 cars, real exhaust
samples, and damage to cars.

And try Twisted Metal II. Something soothing about a homing napalm
pummeling an Icecream truck. 

Jason Palmer