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What Prompted This?! Fw: Why FWD?

Wow, and to think I considered this one big, happy family!  I'd expect
elitist snobbery like this to go on at the Porcshe or BMW newsgroups, but
not here.  (WHAT?!  You ONLY drive a Carrerra 2?  Pah!  Plebian!)  I've
been on this list, in one fashion or another, for about three years and
I've never experienced such a separatist post as this.  I've always found
this list friendly to any Audi owner, FWD or otherwise.  Without the help
of many of the people on this list I may have long ago decided on another
auto marquee to put my loyalty in.  It's not the AWD that makes the Audi,
it's the technological advances this company dares to pioneer and
incorporate.  Back in the 70's it was the 5 cyl powerplant, the 80's
brought about the quattro system, and I guess the 90's was the aluminum
space-frames.  "Vorsprung Durch Technik" I believe the saying goes.

And did you ever think that some of the younger enthusiest that can't yet
afford to buy a quattro, but want in on the fun, like the information
exchange?  I've owned two Audi Coupe's, a `82 and a `86, and now I'm
ready to upgrade to a 4000q.  The experience that I gained from working
on those cars, (with the help of the people here on the Q-List), has
given me the confidence to "step up".  But does this mean I should snub
up-and-comers just because they ONLY have a FWD car?  Hell no.  We're
here to help one another in a common interest, not engage in a "pissing"
contest.  I suggest you keep your high-brow attitude to yourself and
loosen up!  We all love Audi's and we all know that quattro's rule.  Why
draw battle lines during peacetime?  

Oh, and for the record, I believe Mr. Simones named this list the
"quattro List" because Audi has a thing about people using their name.  I
also think "quattro" in lower case is safe, but in upper-case is
trademarked.  Am I correct in this?  One more word, If I may:  I'm not
flaming anyone;  just giving my opinion that happens to be peppered with
truths.  And one should NEVER dare people to send them hate mail.  That's
just not too safe.  

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`85 4kq (Hopefully)
`86 CGT (R.I.P.)
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

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Subject: Why FWD?
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There are many FWDer on this Quattro list.  Isn't is ironic that the
Audi FWD is so advanced, BECAUSE it DOESN'T feel like FWD?  FWD as an
enthusiast car just plainly is bad engineering.  Audi should do what
Subaru did and eliminate FWD off the books.  And to those who own FWD
Audi/VWs .. start your own group.  There are plenty of you guys out
there, just as their are plenty of guys putting Audi, BMW, etc. badges
on other makes.
If you own a Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your
Quattro stuff here.
If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email address
My two cents.

88 Audi 90 QUATTRO

Bring on the flame/hate mail!!