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Re: Why FWD?

If your posts are to follow this type of storyline, I'd recommend you bend
over and get a friend to drive that 90 of yours up your ass, buddy.

Maybe an apology to the list would do...

Jouko Haapanen
-88 Urquattro
-89 Carrera 3.2
150 assorted new Audis and VW's in inventory (mostly FWD)

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From: Mohamed El-Rouby <melrouby@worldnet.att.net>
To: quattro Group <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 5:51 AM
Subject: Why FWD?

>There are many FWDer on this Quattro list.  Isn't is ironic that the
>Audi FWD is so advanced, BECAUSE it DOESN'T feel like FWD?  FWD as an
>enthusiast car just plainly is bad engineering.  Audi should do what
>Subaru did and eliminate FWD off the books.  And to those who own FWD
>Audi/VWs .. start your own group.  There are plenty of you guys out
>there, just as their are plenty of guys putting Audi, BMW, etc. badges
>on other makes.
>If you own a Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your
>Quattro stuff here.
>If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email address
>My two cents.
>88 Audi 90 QUATTRO
>Bring on the flame/hate mail!!