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quattro/Quattro was: Re: What Prompted This?! Fw: Why FWD?

>Oh, and for the record, I believe Mr. Simones named this list the
>"quattro List" because Audi has a thing about people using their name.  I
>also think "quattro" in lower case is safe, but in upper-case is
>trademarked.  Am I correct in this?

Uh, I read in Audi Driver that Quattro was trademarked, thus Audi uses the
lower-case 'quattro'.  I attempted to verify this on the list, but to no

In my personal experience, I've only seen the upper case Quattro in early
audi literature, or at the begining of a sentance in audi literature.
Otherwise, always lower-case.


P.S.  Well Said Tim!

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Psalm 37:4