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Re: Ur-q Radiator Options

In message <14043.20829.251263.811410@my.mailhost.local> David Ritter writes:

> The "correct" radiator for my car was 893 121 251G.
> I think that this one is for the 88-90 90Q, I could be wrong though.
> It has the correct plumbing to fit the generic aux radiator I bought
> from Scott J. and otherwise seems to mount and fit just fine.

It's not 'correct' for the ur-quattro, although the mountings are the

It's the heavy duty radiator, as you suspect, from a 90Q or Cabriolet.
ETKA says, in both cases:

     "For vehicles with heavy duty water cooling system
      and/or trailer towing and/or air conditioning
      and/or additional radiator."

I think it's deeper (thicker) than the standard ur-quattro radiator.

Does your car have a tow hitch?

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