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Subject: Why FWD?

>Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 22:27:34 -0500
>From: Mohamed El-Rouby <melrouby@worldnet.att.net>
>Subject: Why FWD?
>There are many FWDer on this Quattro list.  Isn't is ironic that the
>Audi FWD is so advanced, BECAUSE it DOESN'T feel like FWD?  FWD as an
>enthusiast car just plainly is bad engineering.  Audi should do what
>Subaru did and eliminate FWD off the books.  And to those who own FWD
>Audi/VWs .. start your own group.  There are plenty of you guys out
>there, just as their are plenty of guys putting Audi, BMW, etc. badges
>on other makes.
>If you own a Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your
>Quattro stuff here.
>If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email address
>My two cents.
>88 Audi 90 QUATTRO

Oooooh, Mohamed, I sure hope you have your nomex underwear on . . .

Since I have TWO Audis, one being the unmentionable, disgusting, unworthy
of this list FWD model, and the other being the ONLY true, correct, shining
example of the marque, a quattro (Turbo quattro, BTW), does that mean I can
post only half the time because only half my cars are politically correct?

Seriously, they are ALL Audis - there's an awful lot of crossover from my
lowly FWD to my exalted TQ, and the lowly FWD runs a lot more often.

Show up at an Audi group get-together - you'll be astonished at the quality
and quantity of the contributions of us lowly FWD bottom-feeders who wear
bags over our heads so no one will recognize us - perhaps we should
emblazon letters on our foreheads "FWD!" - scarlet isn't my color, how
about pearl white?

You're certainly entitled to your opinion, but oh, man, are you going to
hear about this one!!!!!

Best Regards, (Remember you can only use half of that since I'm only HALF

Mike Arman