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Re: CV boot + misc comments + loose ceiling liner.

"P-O Selander (EUS)" wrote:

> Parts of this weekend was spent on fixing the old car, 89 100E.
> Loose ceiling liner was reglued (somewhat). The stuff (foam deteriorated by
> UV and old glue) up there is MESSY beyond belief. My repair will not hold up
> for long, but hopefully until a sunny summer/spring day. And, I actually
> might rip it out completely and paint the hard shell instead. Possibly
> easier to get it to look nice since the liner will be VERY hard to clean out
> on the back side and stretch even so it covers the whole thing...

Just thought of something and thought I would pass it on. For all of you with
headliners coming loose, here's an alternative.  Mr. Selander's comment about
painting the hard shell made me think, "Not a bad idea, but you would lose
sound insulation." Then I thought of a product on the market that would cover
the metal, provide sound insulation, and look good as it is available in
multiple colors. What I'm refering to is the new spray in bed liner material
available for pickup truck beds. This stuff is supposed to be available in a
"roll-on" form also. With the proper prep, and application, you could have a
nice looking headliner, that you wouldn't have to worry about re-glueing again
in a few years.

HTH, somebody.

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