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Re: Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Don't know anything about Audi O2 sensors yet, but in the BMW world, we use
Ford Mustang 5.0 O2 sensors about $60 each, made by Bosch. 3 wire. Forget
the model year, but its 85-87 range. Just cut of the ford plug and splice in

I've used these on my Alfa too. Works just fine.


"Jack Ck." wrote:

> Is there any difference between a 3 wire O2 sensor for a 1988 Audi and a
> O2 sensor for a 1997 Audi?
> I am trying to replace the O2 sensors on my 94' 100S but the dealer
> wants $200 a piece, I need two!  So I am shooting for a Bosch Generic
> sensor.  Any suggestions?
> thanks