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Re: headliner woes


    I'm sure it is safe for use in the INTERIOR of an automobile.  I
think by that statement (not for automotive use) they are meaning the
exterior body parts and trim and stuff in the engine compartment, which
only an idiot would do anyways, but you know, they have to state that
stuff.  Legality issue.

    I must admit, this process of using a 3M spray adhesive to hold it
up would only be a temporary "fix", but would get it up there and out
of the way....or should, anyways!

    The only way to really "fix" the problem is to buy a new one and
have it professionaly installed.  I know it is expensive, but even
interior shops can't do as good a job making the headliner stay in
place as the factory.

    I must confess, I know a little about this as my dad worked for a
company that made machines  that were used by automotive manufacterers
in the making of headliners.  Mostly sold to GM, I believe.  The older
american cars were terrible and after a few years, headliners started
saging.  This is because they weren't made properly.

    The reason the company my dad worked for got some of these
contracts was because they spent a lot of time on R&D to develop a
better process of bonding the fabric to the foam laminant material.
THis process is known as laminating and requires inserting the foam
part on one roller, the fabric on another, injecting a fine layer of
glue on each, and fusing the two together at a very high temperature.
If done right and at a high enough temp, the headliner will hold up a
lot better over time, and with exposure to heat.

    The factory headliner is one pre-formed unit, and I'm trying to
think of how they get it in the car.  Best way would be through the
windshield!  Right?  Must be another way, but that would seem like the
best entry point.  If you need a new windshied as well, may be a good
time to get it done!  ;^)

    Anyways, if you want it fixed right, accept no substitute...get a
professional to put in a new oe factory headliner, and make sure it
matches as there were several shades of headliner, although close in
color.  It does make a difference.  Find the code and make sure the
right one is ordered.

    My mechanic did one on a 5000 turbo, and if I remember correctly it
was about $350.  Not sure if that included labor or not though.  It was
a friend's car not mine, so I can't remember.