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Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: Yet another pic. for Phil

>On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Mike Guidotti wrote:
>> I do not intend this as a flame, but if you pay for every kb, you should
>> up your e-mail program to either not accept file attachments or to limit
>> size of the file to download....snip
>> ...hope this has been helpful,

>(From: Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr
>**Not in the least. (and this is a bit of a flame)**)

Not helpful to whom??, you??, did you ever notice that most people post
messages here for everyone. You may be a computer expert but most people are
not. This may be common knowledge to you but that is not the point, this
list is for everyone Hopefully someone might have read this and say "wow, I
never knew that you could do that" (don't laugh, i hear it all the time=)  I
spend all day at work fixing and helping people with computer problems, most
of which have no idea how to use them. I never assume that anyone fully
understands all of the functions of any computer program and there is almost
no reason to for most users to understand them but sometimes it is helpful
for little things like this.
As i expressed before it really does not matter to me wheather people post
pics or not, but if everyone did it would take hours to download them all on
a dial up connection, so I do agree that it is best not to allow it.
REGARDLESS of what you think, my message was NOT intended as a flame if it
came across as one I appoligize to Phil, I was only trying to be helpful. If
you actually READ my message I did not endorse the posting of pics, my
intent was to be helpful, not start some huge tangent, which seems to be
what you are after which as we all know is an even bigger waste of bandwith.

Ahhh, feel much better now =
Mike Guidotti 87 5000 tq