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Re: A bite for a byte

In a message dated 3/2/99 2:14:41 PM Central Standard Time,
human@nh.ultranet.com writes:

> answering questions is a WOB?
Not at all.  Nor the point.  I personally find that chasing part numbers for
everyone is a devine quest.  Certainly not one I would ever entertain.  But
they are wrote part number posts, most from a specific lister on a specific
part.  I personally find them a WOB, if I want a PN, I can turn around in my
chair and grab a fiche, or insert a CD, or call the dealer.  So WOB is
relative to the question asked.  To pay to read it again?  That's the
difference between a private post and a quattro list one, it's just money.  

Phil could save more money than he thinks, he's his own worst byte-mare (a
nice term, no flame intented).  After 5 years of being here, I offer this (at
only byte charge to Phil):  Some prudent thinking about edit/copy of his own
responses in additional same subject posts, and some prudent thinking of
private vs list usefullness of part number posts and the money savings would
come rolling in.  

Waste of bandwidth is an interesting charge.  "Dork" changes that.  Best have
a clean quattro from which you file charges.

My .02 arbitraged thru the peso
Scott Justusson