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Re: Why FWD?

Well put!

take care,

Darin Nederhoff wrote:

> Mohamed El-Rouby wrote:
> > There are many FWDer on this Quattro list.  Isn't is ironic that the
> > Audi FWD is so advanced, BECAUSE it DOESN'T feel like FWD?  FWD as an
> > enthusiast car just plainly is bad engineering.
> Tell that to a die hard GTI or Corrado fanatic.  ;-)  For the record, I
> have driven a front wheel drive A4 and they don't feel inferior to a
> quattro model (except maybe in slippery conditions).
> > And to those who own FWD Audi/VWs .. start your own group.  If you own a
> > Quattro and own a FWD Audi, then please only post your Quattro stuff
> > here.  If you don't believe this is a Quattro group...check the email
> > address above....
> > My two cents.
> Ahh, we have an elitist among us.  ;-)  First things first, if you want
> just the Quattro owners (big Q) to post to the list, then you too must
> remain silent.  Since we're nitpicking, a Quattro (with uppercase Q)
> refers to the "Original Quattro" or UrQ.  The rest of us own Audi quattros
> (small q).   The name of the list may have quattro in it, but nowhere on
> the list page does it say that discussions are limited to quattro models.
> "The quattro list is a mailing list for discussing the ownership, driving
> and repair of Audi automobiles."  (http://coimbra.ans.net/quattro.html)
> Complain all you want, but the FWD owners are just as welcome here.  Sure,
> I am a quattro (and Quattro) enthusiast, but I never look upon a
> non-quattro owner as a 2nd class citizen.
> My .02 cents in return,
> Darin
> Mason City, IA
> '90 Coupe quattro 20V