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Re: To front or not to front, that is the quattro

LOL...this is funny too!

take it easy,

Let's face it, most of our "quattro" problems are with the fuel

> injection and electrical systems, not the drivetrain!  "Hey you FWD
> bastard, get your window switch question off our list!  If you got a
> quattro window switch, call us!"
> Compared to other lists (Porsche, BMW, Gremlin lovers, etc.) ours is one
> of stealthy understanding--understanding that our cars aren't worth very
> much, but truly awesome.  And I've driven my grandma's A4 v6 FWD, and it
> kicked ass in a heavy downpour sans quattro. (Put on your seatbelt,
> granny.  Ya got airbags on this?)
> Peace, love, and crap.  Now, about those A4 poseurs...oops, sorry grams.
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