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FWDer's in heat!

Well, the way the guy I bought the Quattro guy put it, is that a FWD
Audi is like a 4cyl. Mustang.  A good car in it's rite, but the "real"
Mustangs are the V8 ones.  I guess that's how I see the quattro.
I'm sure many of you were/are offended by this, but in reality, I'm
envious of several FWD cars (ie VW Golf VR6 and VW Corrados (G60 &
VR6)).  So there not all that bad.
I agree drivetrain plays a small part in the game of upkeeping any
Audi.  But I would've never bought an Audi had there been no quattro.
I'm sure many Audi owners on this list bought an Audi manly for it's 4
wheel drive prowess.  Maybe that's why there is a snob approach in the
a4.list. (majority of those car sold are quattros)
I guess things like broken door handle grills kinda unite all us Audi/VW
people in this common list.
Cheers...I stand corrected.