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FWD Cars

Now seems like a good time for this, I've a young customer who was
recently seriously T-boned in his 80 4K 4 dr (4 sp) Looking for a good
rolling chassis into which we can transplant what's left of the carcass.
Probably needs to be in the area within the LA/Bay area/Ca central
valley area, and be towable with a dolly. Bad brakes, whatever ok, we
have a rust bucket 2dr as a parts car as well. Needs to be a stick, as I
don't think we want the conversion hassle, and probably an 80-82 or 83.
Thanks a bunch.
You can e-mail me or directly to the guy looking for the car, Matt
<afiaid420@aol.com>. Hope I got that right.
TIA, John