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Re: What are these MBenz Lights?

	permits or not... i am going to install some in my
	rear lenses, probably in the unused spots in the 
	rear deck.  i actually have some decent stage effect
	strobe uints.  we cannabalized a few of them to put
	relays in them so we could trigger single flashes
	for various points of the set of /doctor faustus/,
	so they are already in guts form.  i'm pretty sure
	they are 12v, too, though i'll have to check.

	they will basically be single-trigger flashers for
	tailgaters and high-beamers.  heh.

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Christopher P. Locke wrote:

]You need a green light permit for green, blue or red strobes, but orange
]is aok, generic warning lights.  At least in connecticut. Those are ok. 

 rocky mullin
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