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input-shaft seal replacement: update

My '91 200q was a NWD (no-wheel drive) vehicle when seen late this
afternoon at Salisbury Motor Car Corp. The tranny is installed, but some
entrails (driveshaft, complete exhaust system) remained at garage-floor
level. "Extrails"? The car is promised tomorrow AM--hopefully in time for
expected freezing rain and 150 mile drive to Rochester. Meanwhile, am
slogging around in '95 Golf loaner.

Thanks to all qlisters who made suggestions about items to address while
the tranny was removed for input-shaft seal replacement. One that Phil
Payne and others stressed was replacing the pilot (needle) bearing. So,
phone call to Linda@Carlsen located the bearing yesterday, and it was sent
by overnight UPS. The new bearing arrived this afternoon--just in time to
replace the old bearing, which, though symptom-free, WAS CRACKED! Hurrah
qlist! Hurrah Linda!

other items:

*throwout bearing

*rear (engine) oil seal replaced

*input-shaft seal and both final-drive seals replaced

*clutch (with only 24kmiles) was good

*e-brake cables adjusted, were in good shape

BTW, it's now certain that my driveshaft u-joint has no grease fitting.
This lack was also noted on Arun Rao's '91 200q, and he surmised that the
fitting may have been deleted in a running change done late in MY '91. This
fits with my car's late-in-MY build date and VIN.

Some prior malpractice was found by the Salisbury mechanic. I was shown a
metal bracket (mounts on top of the tranny) that--during the previous
clutch job (for PO by an Audi dealer)--was accidentally allowed to slip
_between_ tranny and flywheel housing. This misplaced bracket blocked one
of the tranny fastening bolts, so the previous wrench just let the bolt go
missing! Of course a bit of tranny misalignment must have resulted from
this unwanted "spacer". :(

Phil Rose

'91 200q	Rochester, NY
'89 100		716-244-4274