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FWDer's in heat! & Audi Questions

To Mr. El-Rouby,

I was one of the first to respond to your post and  I would like to ask
you a question:  Why?  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but the
manner in which they introduce them is of utmost importance.  Your post
gave many of us the impression that you are a very immature person
looking for attention.  Actually asking people to flame you gave us some
quite damning evidence to the point.  I do think the statement about
Mid-East terrorists was WAY over the line, and was NOT EVEN called for. 
Although, in my eyes, you did save some face by standing your ground and 
commenting on several rebuttals, this still doesn't answer my question as
to why you'd anger people on this list.  If you've been lurking on the
list for awhile and thought this would be a good way to make your
presence felt, I'd say the plan was ill-conceived.  Those stupid shampoo
comercials they use to show here in the `States do ring true:  You don't
get a second chance to make a first impression.  And if you are a regular
here, you should know better.  We don't care what brought you to like
Audi's.  We only care about sharing info and experiences and friendship. 
So I ask again:  Why?  Maybe you should think about that before you go
insulting people who'd readily be your friend.  


To the Q-List,

Now the Audi Question.  I've been doing alot of homework on 4k quattro's
recently, and I've been finding several incongruities.  First, what is
the hp output on the engine?  Is it 110 or 115, (for U.S. models)?  My
old `86 CGT put rated at 110hp, but just about all the literature on the
4kq says it had 115hp.  Didn't the CGT's and the 4kq's have the same
engine?  Where did that 5hp come from?  Second, in 1987, when the Special
Build CGT came out, did Audi also produce a 4kq with the 2.3l?  And is
this the same engine that goes into the 80/90 models?  And while I'm at
it, what would be involved in replacing the 2.2l motor from a `85 4kq
with a 2.3l powerplant from a 80/90?  Would it be a straight swap or
would their be a bunch of re-wiring involved?  And would it be more
feasible, (and cheaper!), than a turbo swap?  TIA.

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`86 Saab 900S (Pop's is loaning it to me)
`85 4kq (I Hope!)
`86 CGT (R.I.P.)
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

On Tue, 02 Mar 1999 20:02:23 -0500 Mohamed El-Rouby
<melrouby@worldnet.att.net> writes:
>Well, the way the guy I bought the Quattro guy put it, is that a FWD
>Audi is like a 4cyl. Mustang.  A good car in it's rite, but the 
>Mustangs are the V8 ones.  I guess that's how I see the quattro.
>I'm sure many of you were/are offended by this, but in reality, I'm
>envious of several FWD cars (ie VW Golf VR6 and VW Corrados (G60 &
>VR6)).  So there not all that bad.
>I agree drivetrain plays a small part in the game of upkeeping any
>Audi.  But I would've never bought an Audi had there been no quattro.
>I'm sure many Audi owners on this list bought an Audi manly for it's 
>wheel drive prowess.  Maybe that's why there is a snob approach in 
>a4.list. (majority of those car sold are quattros)
>I guess things like broken door handle grills kinda unite all us 
>people in this common list.
>Cheers...I stand corrected.