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QSW coilovers?

Someone on this list told me that they had built coilovers for the rear
of a QSW, and could provide me with a list of materials necessary. I
would really like to put some Bilsteins on the rear of my QSW, but I
guess Bilstein doesn't make anything for that application. Maybe I
should find a shock that is close, and modify some stuff a little... I
don't really want coilovers, I just want Bilsteins. But whoever it was
who said they had made coilovers for the rear of a QSW, could you email
me with parts necessary, etc? My rear shocks are dying, and I DON'T want
another set of OEM Boges. (The last set only lasted 8 months).
    Thanks much,
    '84 GTI
    '87 QSW