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Re: Part number chases

> As for Phil accusing me of selfishness, I am.  I don't go to archives for
> fiche numbers, in fact, since I service audis for a business, how bout I just
> bury Phil in enough part numbers in a single week, so the archives can be done
> sooner?  I don't go with the archive thinking, those who need the occasional
> part number, can call the dealer.  Those that need many part numbers (me and

There is the problem.  YOU can call the dealer and they give you the part
numbers.  Most everyone else cannot.  Around here, they won't give them out.
Maybe you can pay your local dealers' prices to maintain such a relationship;
here, get out the vaseline.

> Given the availability of fiche numbers are at everyones fingers that want
> them, I'd sure like to see the archive search engines saved for a more useful
> dedication than spinning an already available wheel

I do have a fiche but it's so bad that half of the part numbers that
I call Linda for are superceded.

Keep the (up to date) part numbers coming!