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Rally conversion

Okay, new subject header...making it easier to find in the archives
(because even _I_ end up deleting answers to my own posts sometimes!) and
also easier to delete for those who want to without reading.

I'm merely toying with this idea right now as I'm burned out with school
and need a break. Realistically, I won't have the car 'till the fall, and
the money to do the mods until the following spring/summer...but hey, it
never hurts to be prepared!

So far I've figured the following out:

First choice of car, a UR-Q.  Probably an '83 North America due to the fact
that they're cheaper then other years...seems to me easier to find too.
After reading many months of posts I've come to realize that besides wear
and tear items the electrics seem to be the worst deal with these cars.
Other listers seem to deal with the problems fairly well, so what the hey!
Dive in eh! (it should be noted, I intend to buy a bentley for _whatever_
audi I decide to purchase!)

Pro's Con's etc. welcome for any comments I make...ever.

Second choice of car, my mom's 89 90q.  I know the service history, I know
the car...i'll get it cheap.  Can't complain.  True, it's got no spunk or
pep in comparison to other cars, but it _does_ move if you push it.
Besides, by the tiem the fall comes it will have a new clutch..and
apparently something in the steering! (you'd have to have read earlier
posts this week by me)

Third Choice: A 4kq or something of that idea.  Why the third choice?  I
really don't know much about the 4k series.  okay, I don't know much about
most cars...but i know the least about the 4k in terms of audis.

Regardless of the car it will remain a daily driver.  I suspect (with
exception of a UR-Q) that I'll end up with a non-turbo engine. I will be
focusing more on the safety of the vehicle first, with performace being
secondary. The suspension is my first area of concern to modify, and I'm
thinking it might be worth the down time needed to strip the car and
strengthen the frame by welding seams etc.   The last thing I'm going to
worry about is modifying the engine...my goal (for financial reasons) is to
keep the car as stock as possible, modifying it initially only for safety
and/or durability.  Maybe in a few years when I go pro I'll go nuts! :-)

There's a good intro. for those who want to follow the thread. I'll bring
up different ideas I've got as I come up with them. I suppose my first
thoughts should be towards the car.  I _have_ to spend less tehn $6000 CDN
on it, but would prefer to spend around $4000-5000.

Ideas, comments, questions, BTDT's all welcome...if I take a few days to
respond...it must be due to school.  I do need to work _sometimes_!!

-Dave Hord

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4