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Re: '90 Audi 90 Wheel plus sizing

Kirk Brocas writes:
> I have a 1990 90 sedan (2.3 FWD jobby) and I am thinking about going to
> either 15 " or 16" rims. Tyre sizes I am thinking about are 205/50-15, or
> 205/45-16 (The stock size is 195/60-14).
> Is anybody aware of any handling problems  in increasing the tyre width
> beyond the standard 195/60 width ? 

205/50-15 Should work just fine.  It'll ride a bit stiffer than the 194/60-14,
but if you use good high-performance tires the handling should be better.
I don't know where you are located, but wide, 50-series (or more agreesive)
rubber is good in the dry, but very bad in wet or snowy conditions.

> What wheel offsets would be required?

YOu can probably stay with stock offset, I think it's ET45 on your model
(not absolutely sure).

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