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Re: [OFFTOPIC] Re: Yet another pic. for Phil

Although I don't always agree with Phil, I believe he has a point concerning
attactments.  It bothers me and makes me sad to think that because we
Americans enjoy certain things free or cheap that you must use/waste all you
possibly can.  Gasoline, all-u-can-eat buffets, virgin timber, buffalos,
passenger pigeons.  Anyone getting my reference here?  This "I'm grabbing all
I can get" even if it's more than you could ever possibly use because it's
FREE only serves to destroy the bargain for ourselves and others.  Same reason
Americans have no savings(money).  If you really want to alert someone to a
great site or whatever, why not just reference it?  It's kind of insulting to
think we need to be spoon fed these items.  I like the idea of being able to
look at what I want or ignore it if I choose.  This isn't so unreasonable.
Nice post from Frank about the flames.  After thinking about it I didn't
reply(although I really wanted to) to this idiot/ flame bater.  Remember the
thread about Congress raising internet rates 300%.  That idiot suggested
calling everyone.  E-mail a chain letter, CC everyone you know, etc.
Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and I was glad I waited before reacting.

By the way I did love the way you guys shot down that a$$hole, especially

Jim Accordino