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Re: PN's

In message <885ad888.36dd2d99@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

> Ok and she has an 800 number.  Dennis:  Question.  In the 5 years Phil has
> been doing the part number chases, how many you figure he's posted have been
> superceded?  So, how far back do we chase the archives to find those PN's.

It happens.  I use the latest microfiche and ETKA, so the current
information isn't bad.

There's another side to the coin.  Audi, for instance, no longer lists
repair kits to replace all of the locks on a specific car with a set
of lock cylinders that take the same key.  You _can_ still order them
this way, if only you know the number.

In any case, ordering a superseded part will always cause automatic
substitution - but junkyards only know old numbers.

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