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Re: Parts chases - archival information


What is the problem with part numbers?  We're talking about 12
bytes of data or less?  I don't get it.

In a perfect world, we'd all be going out with digital cameras
and providing writeups of our repair jobs with pictures and
part numbers (and yes, that day will be coming soon).

The list is becoming unwieldy at present, and I'm painfully aware of
that.  New members join looking to talk about their new A4 or
A6, and are instead barraged with 60 messages, most of them flames
from people who should know how to get along, and the rest flamebait
from some undersexed teen, and yes, replies to his flame from
(say it with me people) "...people who should know better..."

The only recourse I have is splitting the list, which IMO will
lower the cameraderie and spirit we've shared.  But it looks
that stuff is shot to hell anyway...

Again, in a perfect world, I'd have the time to monitor the list
more closely, and perfect the archive search.  The reality is that
I have a full time job, and two very difficult classes a semester,
along with cars that need attention, an ongoing home renovation,
and what else?...oh yeah, a wife.

I'd love to quit my job and run the list full time, and I've actually
given it some thought.   Until then, if it ever happens, I'd
appreciate everyone's efforts to keep the list on topic.
If you have a problem with someone's post, cc me and the poster, and
let's work it out offline.


| Dan |
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