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Re: 5K Avant fuel pump replacement

From: Sam_Bateman@vapower.com
>I have an '85 5K Avant on which the fuel pump is quite silent.
>This silence is borne-out by no pressure at the fuel distributor.
>My question is - how do I get to the top of the tank and the sender
>unit/fuel pump?
>I'm working from a Haynes manual, don't have a Bentley (anyone got a used
>set for sale reasonably?).
>It mentions the accessing the sedan's pump by way of a hatch in the luggage
>compartment but the Avant's tank appears to be under the rear seat.
>I looked pretty carefully and didn't see any access plate under the seat.
>Any and all comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Open the tailgate.  Just behind the rear seats is a raised section.  The
fuel tank is just below this.  If you lift up the carpet, you will find the
inspection hatch for the pump and gauge.  I would check the electrics before
assuming a faulty pump.  The fuel pump relays often go faulty.  Try bridging
the contacts (details in Haynes) to see if the pump comes on.  There is also
a safety feature built in which doesn't turn the pump on unless there are
regular pulses coming from the distributor to the lv side of the coil.  

I have the opposite problem to you.  My pump is VERY noisy.  People on the
street turn round to see where the noise is coming from when I drive past!