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Re: Value of 100CSQ Avant

I'm in the SF Bay Area and everything goes for top dollar here, but I'm in
the process of buying an A6Q Wagon this week, and these are my experiences
(would love to hear from other regions).

All of the examples I've seen are similarly equiped with the only
differences being a few CDs/changers.  Several dealers have '96 and '97 A6QW
which are typically off lease or trade-ins.  There almost never any for sale
by private parties.

Rector Audi, 	'94 100CSQW, 60 odo, very clean, asking $24.4K (ridiculous)
probably get it for 20K
		2 - '97 A6QW, about 30 odo, $30+K
Marin Acura	2 '96 A6QW, 32 odo, asking $29K, probably $28K makes you an
		'96 A6 non-QW, cloth, 32 odo, asking $24K, probably $21K
Sonnen	Audi	'96 A6QW, 40K (?), sold for $28+K !!

Generally, the Dealers' Q wagons are staying on the lot less than a week and
it seems they're getting 1-2K less than Kelly full retail.  There's lot o
dough in the Bay Area so the QW are very hot it seems.  I'll probably end up
with a '95A6QW with 48+K odo for about $23K from Steve Krenzen (Independent
Audi Dealer/Broker) which I think is a pretty fair deal.

BTW:  My reasoning goes something like, "A 4yr. old QW is a lot better than
a new Accord/Camry or God help us, a killer (literally) SUV."

Hairy green toads from Mars made Benjamin Kwan say:

> Does anybody out there know how much I should be paying for a 1994
> 100CSQ Avant with 54K on the clock? The dealership is asking for $21,900
> which is ridiculous. The salesman also tells me that he knows Audi's left
> and right. The picture of this car shows that the Avant has 5 spoke S4
> type wheels. If I am correct the 94 Avants came with 10 spoke wheels
> that's on my sisters 94 90S. So I think this guy is giving me a bunch of
> BS and that they took these wheels off a 90 Sport. Is asking $16,000 for
> the car low? Can anybody tell me of a reference/site that will give me a
> fair valuation of what the car is worth? 

www.edmunds.com or www.kbb.com will help

I got my '95 A6QW, which is pretty much the same car, last springwith 39K on
the clock for less than $25K in excellent condition.So $22K seems high for
this car a year later. I'd say $18K isa better figure, maybe up to $20K if
it is in really good shape.If you are looking at a dealer, and they are
asking $22K, thenthey probably only expect to get $20K anyway. Is this Park
Audiin Lawrence?I can't speak for the wheels (the '95s had a new 6-spoke

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