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Re: I-5 10v NA power?

Andrew Duane USG <duane@hunch.zk3.dec.com> wrote:
> Put in a new low-restriction exhaust, and a Schrick cam, and
> a K&N filtercharger, that will be good for about 20 more HP,
> but at a cost of drivability and idling and low-end torque.
> Cost is about $1500 total.
> The 10V NA motor is not really tunable, I have one myself.

I would think that those mods would result in less than a 20 HP increase.

Which Schrick do you mean?  I had a 268/272, K&N, and exhaust, and I'm not sure 
it was all that much better.  But then again, my butt is not a finely 
calibrated dyno, either.  I don't know that I know what 20 extra horses feels 

No idle problems either, hence my wondering which duration cam.  Didn't lose 
much low end torque.  Gee, I guess I disagree with everything!  Except that the 
10V NA is not really tunable.  Great motor though.