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RE: urq glass blew in!

Sorry to hear about that. I know the state of denial and disbelief you go
through when you discover something like that! I have had a similar
experience with my 5KCSTQ which belonged to my father in law 9 years ago. We
had borrowed the car for a few days during the winter, and had it parked
outside, by the front door. We live in the country, kind of in the boonies,
so there is no traffic or strangers walking by and no trees above the car. I
was going to take my children to the schoolbus stop in the morning, and had
gone out to start the car to let it warm up, and did not notice anything
peculiar, and went back inside. After 5 or 10 min my sons were ready and we
went to the car and  noticed that the rear window was all frosted over. I
thought that is strange, the other windows are not, it must have something
to do with the wind direction. But when I got in the car and closed the
door, I could hear the rear window move. Looked in the mirror and there it
was, BAD MORNING! It was cold and icy with more ugly weather in the
forecast, so I was going to spend the day finding a new window. After the
first phone calls I found out that it was going to cost about $1500.00 for a
new one :( . I could not afford one at that time, then I thought of what
could have caused this. My hypothesis was that our Subaru had launched a
rock from the tire on to the window the evening before. This is not that
unusual, since we have an unpaved driveway and lots of unpaved gravel dirt
roads in our area. I did an insurance claim,  the agent was very
cooperative, and told me to go ahead and get it fixed with the cheaper bid.
This was somewhere around $1000.00 2 days later the guy came to install it,
but the window was the wrong size. Again 2 days later he did have the right
size but no quattro in the defrost. My father in law did not care, because
he needed the car, and wanted it to be installed. He was happy after that.
For me it was another story, because the insurance really started acting up,
and caused me great inconvenience and we drive a Q with no Quattro in the
defrost :(  Another reason for this may be, that I turned the rear defrost
on when it was below freezing, and there may have been some tension in the
window. The rapid temperature change in the glass might have caused the
failure also. It is still a mystery to me. Thanks, Martin 86 5KCSTQ 1.8 Bar