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Gran Turismo Re: TOCA BTCC game, with A4!

FTO LM. End of story. (GTO LM will take it on the high speed ring with
it's 945 hp, but anywhere else, the weight advantage and 4wd makes the
FTO king.)

> Yeah, this game is incredible.  I have way too many cars.  I have a
> pretty nice 3000GT LM edition.  Oh yeah, and the 945 hp Nissan Skyline,
> or maybe i could race the Subaru WRX rallye edition...hmmm...or the RX7
> LM edition, or the Supra LM, oh choices choices....
> The high res tracks are pretty sweet too. Will the next one have porsches
> and audis?  I could see them throwin in an Urq...hmmm...
> later...
> Michael Sheridan Williams