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Re: ur-q tie rods

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Martin Pajak wrote:

> Way I did it on the Coupe was to cut the worn out Ur-q end and weld in a threaded
> section so that the 4kq tie rod end can be used.  This way you keep the bent section
> to clear the WG and don't have to worry about costs next time the tie rod end wears
> out.

	BUt, I have found that when my Tie-Rod ends wear out the inner
ones are usually worn too so I replace the whole unit anyhow.  SO, either
way you have to weld or bend.  I spose if you have someone else bend it
then it would approach the cost of a ur-q tie-rod-set but if I can do it
myself I can do it for cheaper.  And if you need a place to weld (ie..if
you can't weld or dont trust your welds for suspension bits) then the ur-q
rod route could be expensive to.  I guess they are both good ways though.
I spose the ur-q end may be a little stronger.

> On the Ur-q I'll repeat this but weld in a larger dia. threaded section to go with
> the 5k/t tie rod end which will fit the Ur-q strut.

	Is the 5kt tie-rod-end a beefier unit than the ur-q unit?