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Re: ur-q tie rods


>         BUt, I have found that when my Tie-Rod ends wear out the inner
> ones are usually worn too so I replace the whole unit anyhow.

I have yet to see a worn out inner tie rod end.It's only a rubber bushing anyway.

>  I spose if you have someone else bend it
> then it would approach the cost of a ur-q tie-rod-set but if I can do it
> myself I can do it for cheaper.

Bending the stock unit will shorten it's effective length therefore limit your alignment
adjustment.Go to a lot of Camber and you are running on few turns of the thread on you tie
rod adjusters.
Maybe people with the bent tie rods can verify how much shorter the tie rod ended up?

> And if you need a place to weld (ie..if you can't weld or dont trust your welds for
> suspension bits) then the ur-q
> rod route could be expensive to.  I guess they are both good ways though.
> I spose the ur-q end may be a little stronger.

Just suggeting for people with the equipment and that trust their welds.With older cars
that equipment is almost mandatory : )
I think the equipment already payed for itself while fabricating parts that are too $$$$
at dealer.
Than there is exhaust, body work, etc. etc.

>         Is the 5kt tie-rod-end a beefier unit than the ur-q unit?

Maybe beefier outside, but same taper size going into the strut (both bigger than 4kq).
Martin Pajak


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