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Re: BACK SEAT LUVIN' (little Audi content)

Did it the back seat of a 73 Audi 100 one night with my future wife back
in 75.  I pulled the front seat forward to far and it came of of the
tracks.  After we were done I spent about 15 minutes getting the seat
back on the tracks.   After I got the seat back on I was ready to go
again so into the back seat again.  I didn't know it but I got grease
all over her underware.  The next morning while she was taking a shower
her mom washed her underware.  Her parents were pretty straight and they
had only met me once prior to that night.  You can imagine what her mom
thought with grease all over her underware.  She never said a word about
it at all. 

Pat Korach