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Re: quattro script defroster in a urq? was: urq rear glass blew in!

	i have no q script in my defroster, i've never even seen 
	one.  let me know what linda says.

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, John P. Karasaki, P.E. wrote:

]Thanks to all who suggested various reasons why the rear window imploded.
]Our insurance company didn't think it was strange.  We're paying the
]deductible regardless of the cause, so they're not interested.
]If the "quattro" script defroster element design is available in the USA for
]the urq, I'd like to use it on our urq.  Does anyone on the list with a urq
](aka turbo quattro coupe) have the "quattro" defrost element rear window?
]If it is, I'll call Linda at Carlsen to price out both options.  TIA.

 rocky mullin
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