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Re: ur-q tie rods

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Martin Pajak wrote:

> Price and future replacements.  I plan to keep that one for a long time.

	Oh.  Makes sense I guess.

> I got the used Ur-q tie rod for free for the Coupe so it was not a biggie there (and the inner
> end was perfect).

	Well, thats handy.  Heck, if it was free I would probably do it
to. :-)

> I figured if you knew of someone with a Ur-q who has replaced them and want to get rid of the
> used part cheap or for free it would be a nice alternative.  Especially for people about to do 5
> bolt conversions.
> My Ur-q already has the tie rod so I can modify the outer end there.
> It does need it and I don't feel like spending my sumer job income on replacing them.

	How much is a ur-q front end?
> BTW how much are the inner bushings for the 4kq?
> Is it worth replacing the entire unit if they and outer end are shot?

	I paid $55 for the entire Rod with end on it.  So, about $28 I
think for the end or $55 for the whole rod.  I decided it was worth it to
just go ahead and replace the whole unit.