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200 wagon

Fellow Audians;

If "Mohegan Motors" is Mohegan Lake Motors, in Mohegan Lake

While in the process of negotiating a '91 200 TQA deal with MLM
about 2 yrs ago, I specifically asked for the name and number of
the previous owner.  They claimed they did not know who the
previous owner was.
I came to find out (and cannot recall how) that MLM had sold the
car to a fellow who was a truck mechanic, and after a week or so,
he had returned it to MLM, saying things were very wrong with the
car, and he demanded and got his money back.  MLM's manager never
would admit that the fellow who had just purchased the car and
returned it was a "previous owner" nor could he explain how the
fellow was not a previous owner.

Anyway, I sent the car out for inspection (Dan's mechanic; thanks
Dan!); got a decent report; made MLM fix what the mechanic found,
and/or adjust the sales price; and had them sell a 2yr/24,000
mile warranty to me at their cost.

About a week after I had the car, I learned the front wheel
bearings were shot.  Multiple other items have been repaired or
replaced since (thank God for the warranty).  BTW, my salesman
emailed me about two weeks after the deal and told me he had quit
and he was still apologizing for MLM.

I'm not saying don't do business with MLM, I'm just saying if you
do, make sure you cover all your bases.


Samir Shah wrote:

>I still have not heard back re. the inspection of the 200 wagon
>Mohegan Motors. In the meantime, I am still looking for other

>Does anyone on the list have, or know of, a 200 wagon for sale
in the
>NYC area, at a reasonable price and in good condition. Thanks.