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Re: seeking general info on 86 Coupe GT

It's a great car. Mine has a different engine but I think the rest of the 
car was pretty much the same.  They are a blast to drive and mine 
has been pretty reliable, I've never been stranded.  Plus, I think it's 
one of the most unique and best looking cars on the road, bar none.

On 3 Mar 99, at 17:22, James Kittock wrote:

> A co-worker has an 86 Coupe GT with about 85K miles for sale.
> I'm not too familiar with older Audis. 
> Is this a decent car?  A fun car?
> Is there a better way to spend $2000 - $3000?
> Other thoughts?
> Thanks!!!
> --james

New London, CT
87.5 CGT Spec. Build 
My parts/repair total since 3/14/97=$2478.86