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93-95 90q - Plus sized wheels/tire BTDT

Looking for other listers who have put larger wheels/tires on 93-95 90Sq
(I think that would include the CS model as well).  Orig equipment is
205/60R15, 4 bolt pattern.

I am looking to find out what others listers have done, in terms of the
brand of wheel/tire selected and what size/width of wheel/tire you went
to.(or what to avoid!)  I also am looking for the stock offset.

Have been looking thru the Tire Rack pages and there seems to be some
options there.  I have come up with some possible "plus" combinations,
but nothing beats the BTDT experience and I would like to be armed with
some knowledge before I shop locally.

Plowed thru the archives and didn't come up with what I was looking for,
please excuse me for starting another tire thread....

Ryan Fischer
94 90Sq 75kkms