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4000 breathing

To all those 4Kq owners out there who want their car to breathe a bit
better, I have a hint.  It seems to work for me, not quantifiably, but
seat of the pants (and for those of you who have experience with CIS
cars, and especially 911s so fueled, you will know what I mean)-I simply
took the hose from the airbox to the heat shrouding on the manifold and
zip tied it down near where the tow ring mounts, so that it gets some
airflow when motoring along.  Now, instead of a constant diet of warmer
air, the car is breathing a bit easier, with no holes cut, no chicken
wire magic, just a stock paper filter and a tad more cool air to the
I have noticed a seat of the pants difference, can feel the car
breathing a bit easier...not a huge difference, but noticable.  And the
car  revs a bit more freely, not a usual thing for most CIS cars I have
found.  Maybe someone out there will try this and counter my opinion,
but 'tis working for me.
Interested to see if anyone else finds it effective.

Steve Hill