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Re: 200q alternator cost/source

<<If you can pull and reinstall it yourself, find a local automotive
electrical shop. I have one near here that does full rebuilds of the Bosch 110
amp for $160 US, or "just what it needs" for less. I spent $110 US on cleaning
up the "dead" alternator on my 90Q20V.>>

	The local guy here has hit us for $55 to $85 based on what was done.  This
was on the big alternator for the turbo quats.  He does the Volvo, SAAB, and
Chevy stuff for us as well.  I've never had to have him rebuild a starter yet,
and probably won't since we have six spares in the shop......
	But the *good* local builder is a great way to go if they are experienced
with the Bosch units.  Some of the lesser places can build you one that will
last 40K miles, the good guys can do it right and get it to hang in there as
long as the factory rebuild (which is generally 100K+ miles.)