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Re: 4000 breathing

> To all those 4Kq owners out there who want their car to breathe a bit
> better, -I simply
> took the hose from the airbox to the heat shrouding on the manifold and
> zip tied it down near where the tow ring mounts, so that it gets some
> airflow when motoring along.  Now, instead of a constant diet of warmer
> air, the car is breathing a bit easier, with no holes cut, no chicken
> wire magic, just a stock paper filter and a tad more cool air to the
> engine.

Interesting. I am about to buy new parts and struggle with exhaust
mounting bits to *re-install* the pre heater duct thing.

This is because I took out the warm/cold thermoflap (tm) froma spare
airbox and ran hot water over the thermostat part, just to see what it
does... 140 degree F water only 3/4 shifted it.  So unless that one was
biffed, I suspect either the system is trying to keep the intake air at
100 degrees or higher, or it's set up to use both intake hoses as soon
as the engine is warm.

Now let's think this through.  If the intake air is cold, coming through
the "warm air" hose inlet, that thermoflap is never going to move
(except in Death Valley) and you're only going to get air coming in the
"warm air" inlet.  That inlet is smaller, and certainly smaller than
both together!  So as an addendum to the suggestion above, I would say
remove the thermoflap assembly, remove the flap, and reinstall the cover
(or even leave the cover off for more intake area...)

I dunno, I'm trying to return that part of the system to stock.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT