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Re: 120 MPH?????

In message <12de4a3.36de6bdc@aol.com> Ssgacc@aol.com writes:

> Owning an Audi and driving in Germany have both taught me there are
> much more important factors in safe travel than speed.


Despite having the lowest per-mile casualty figures and some of the
lowest _absolute_ casualty figures ever - the UK Government has decided
that road death reduction is its #1 priority. Perhaps to draw attention
away from things that are within its own remit and substitute something
where it can blame its eventual (inevitable) failure on the population
at large.

"Speed kills" is the simplistic message.  Irrespective of where, when
and local conditions, we are all to be held rigidly to arbitrary
speed limits.  The victims are actually not the motorists, but the
police - who are required to stand in front of sober and sensible
members of the community at the roadside and tell them that 65mph
on a dead straight road miles from the nearest town (or even turning)
is irresponsible and almost a capital offence.

Let me remind you that this is now a country in which selling or serving
a T-bone steak is punishable by an $8000 fine.

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