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Re: urq rear glass blew in!

Same happened to my old turbo in the winter. Still don't know why. Maybe
it was because of the heat on full blast fro a long while and then I
opened the doors, lots of snow and cold air came in. Closed the door and
low pressure inside?

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On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, John Karasaki wrote:

> I've been driving the urq more and enjoying every minute of it.  Until this
> morning however, when I went out to the CLOSED and locked garage and found
> the rear window (the big one with the defrost elements) blown in!  What the
> heck caused this?  There is no debris in the car whatsoever.
> I'm sure my insurance agent will think this is interesting.
> Any theories are appreciated.
> P.S. Did the later urqs in the USA have the quattro script in the heating
> element?  Now would be a good time for me to upgrade if they did.
> Best Regards,
> John Karasaki