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RE: Rally practice crash

>When a rallye car crashes, is it always navigator's fault? (^:

In this case, I'd say not. :)  They knew where they were, and they knew
where they wanted to be, they just overlooked the little immobile rock wall
between points A and B.  Pilot error - and a nasty one at that.  Nice 22
point landing though.  Glad they walked away.  Those folks have my respect.
I'm amazed they don't wind up in little heaps on the side of the road more

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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>	That is one Nasty wreck.  Looked bad but livable untill the Pole!
>He crawled out the driver side though.  IS he ok.  Is the Co-Driver OK?

When a rallye car crashes, is it always navigator's fault? (^:

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