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seeking general info on 86 Coupe GT

>From: James Kittock <kittock@interval.com>
>Subject: seeking general info on 86 Coupe GT
>A co-worker has an 86 Coupe GT with about 85K miles for sale.
>I'm not too familiar with older Audis. 
>Is this a decent car?  A fun car?
>Is there a better way to spend $2000 - $3000?
>Other thoughts?
It is a great car. It handles like a dream. It is light and the gearbox is
like butter. It was considered the best sport coupe in the world by Road and
Track sometime in the eighties. We have the 87 Coupe GT we bought new and
still love to drive it.

However!!! It is only great if it is an occasional use car and if you do
your own work. While basically reliable, a million little things will go
wrong and each one costs a fortune.

If you drive to work every day and must have the Audi dealer keep it
running, you will have a head start toward backruptcy.

Bob Cummings
87 Coupe GT 113,000 mi.